Tips for Your Computer Part Thirteen

14, in the non-operation of the system to restart the system is running normal, non-normal restart (including the reset button on the chassis, power key and the Ctrl + Alt + Del), may make the system missing system files, save the error and the loss of set and so on.

Original windows is to provide a disk scanning tools, to correct some errors in the file, but because the scan takes a relatively long time, many people would interrupt his work, often this happens, there may make the data on the hard disk error greatly increase the probability and frequency, making the whole system crashes.

Solution: Try to use more stable system, it is recommended CPU and memory frequencies of 750MHz or more users in the 256M WINXP system, the other can be considered WIN2000, there is the best to drive into HTFS format than FAT32′s format to be more secure, not prone to error.

There is a FAT32 and FAT16 users, disk scan tool to perform the best finish its work. Of course the best way is to identify the cause of crash, to stop this phenomenon.

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