Interested in Being A Stock Broker?

We’ve been talking and discussing a lot of thing about technology and its implementation. Also, we already knew that the growth of technology has been implemented in many sectors of our lives, including stock trading. However, have you thought to position yourself as the user of the program, not as the developer?

You might make money by building the software, but we think it’ll be better if you could also make money from the software you build continuously. For example, by being a stock broker. Nowadays, being a stock broker is simpler and simple; you no longer need to get the access to join the trade because we could find some companies provided those facilities, such as CMC Markets.

Moreover, they also provide us the tools to monitor the rate, price, etc. As the technology people, our minds will think that they have spent a lot of money to develop the software, so they must be charging us high price for using the facilities. But, your guess is wrong, the rates start from $9.90; it’s very cheap, right? In addition, they were awarded as the Australia’s Cheapest Online Broker 2011 by Money magazine. The criteria of the award include the platform reliability (we told you above), ease of use, research and charting, website functionality, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? I believe that you want to earn extra money from your daily income, right? And, Stockbroking is the best way that we can do!

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