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book 300x265 Online Library Resources (2)Thus, by taking some time to browse around, you are likely to discover much that is useful. In addition to traditional libraries available, there are now also libraries that have been developed specifically for the Internet. These web-based electronic libraries are making a number of resources generally available which were previously known only to academics and professional researchers.

An example of one of the best organised and user-friendly of these sites is the Internet Public  Library (  IPL has been organised specifically to help students at every stage. For example, of particular use at the early stages of the learning process is the library’s Reference Center, which includes general databases such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias and almanacs.

It also includes information on writing skills. The IPL is not only useful at the initial stages of the learning process: once a basic understanding of a topic has been gained, students can use the subject-specific databases to find information directly related to their area of interest.

A further feature of the IPL is its Pathfinder section. This has been developed specifically to help direct students at the early stages of their research by offering what the IPL staff consider to be the best starting databases and websites pertaining to a particular topic.

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